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February 01 2018

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There are libraries in Los Angeles that let kids read to pay off their late fees. Each hour a child spends reading at county-run libraries knocks $5 off their account. Library staff say at least 100 kids each week read away their debt, and 3,500 suspended accounts were cleared during the first 6 months of the program. Source Source 2

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all I want is you










okay so theres an episode of whats new scooby doo where the gang goes home on valentines day, and i guess the studio really wanted to avoid the implication that daphne and fred were sleeping together because daphne and velma live together and fred lives with shaggy and scooby 

but that attempt at avoiding anything risque backfired spectacularly because now it just seems like daphne and velma are a comfortably domestic couple and fred is trying to learn how to live with his boyfriends over excitable and really hungry great dane

It’s far cuter like this anyway.



i don’t have a source for this just a gut feeling, but doesn’t everyone in the gang call him “freddie” at some point?

which would imply that the entire gang is poly and dating

If any group in pop culture is poly, it’s definitely the errant kids from the 60s with a groovy hippie van

I’ve reblogged this before, reblogging it again.

Putting the Do back in Scooby Doo

November 19 2017

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The spread of the black death.


Poland, tell us your secret.

Poland is the old new Madagascar. 

If I remember correctly, Poland’s secret is that the jews where being blamed all over europe (as usual) as scapegoats for the black plague. Poland was the only place that accepted Jewish refugees, so pretty much all of them moved there. 

Now, one of the major causes of getting the plague was poor hygiene. This proved very effective for the plague because everyone threw their poop into the streets because there were no sewers, and literally no one bathed because it was against their religion. Unless they were jewish, who actually bathed relatively often. When all the jews moved to Poland, they brought bathing with them, and so the plague had little effect there.

Milan survived by quarantining its city and burning down the house of anyone showing early symptoms, with the entire family inside it. 

I reblogged this tons of times, but the Milan info is new.

Damn Italy, you scary.

Poland: “Hey, feeling a bit down? Have a quick wash! There, you see? All better”

Milan:Aw, feeling a bit sick are we? BURN MOTHERFUCKER, BURN!!!!!”

Also, this might have something to do with it: from what I understand, O blood type is uncommonly… common in Poland. Something to do with large families in small villages and a LOT of intermarriage. The black plague was caused by a bacterium that produced, in its waste in the human body, wastes that very closely mimic the “B” marker sugars on red blood cells that keep the body from attacking its own immune system. Anyone who has a B blood type had an immune system that was naturally desensitized to the presence of the bacterium, and therefore was more prone to developing the disease. Anyone who had an O type was doubly lucky because the O blood type means the total absence of ANY markers, A or B, meaning that their bodys’ immune system would react quickly and violently against the invaders, while someone with an A may show symptoms and recover more slowly, while someone with B would have just died. Because O is a recessive blood type, it shows in higher numbers when more people who carry the recessive genes marry other people who also carry the recessive gene. Poland, which has a nearly 700 year history of being conquered by or partnering with every other nation in the surrounding area, was primarily an agricultural country, focused around smaller, farming communities where people were legally tied to, and required to work, “their” land, and so historically never “spread” their genes across a large area. The economy was, and had been, unstable for a very long period of time leading up to the plague, the government had been ineffective and had very little reach in comparison to the armies of the other countries around for a very very long time, and so its people largely remained in small communities where multiple generations of cross-familial inbreeding could have allowed for this more recessive gene to show up more frequently. Thus, there could be a higher percentage of O blood types in any region of the country, guaranteeing less spread of the illness and moving slower when it did manage to travel. Combine this with the fact that there were very few large, urban centers where the disease would thrive, and with the above facts, and you’ve got a lovely recipe for avoiding the plague.

Interestingly enough, as a result from the plague, the entirety of Europe now has a higher percentage of people with O blood type than any other region of the world. 


When Tumblr teaches you more about the plague than 12 years of school ever did.

Just to throw a nod in, as a medieval historian, this is all credible, and is the leading theory as to the plagues effectiveness at this point. So. Enjoy your new knowledge!

how come we never learned this is school?



okay but apart from the bit about sheltering Jewish people, none of this information would be supressed for any kind of prejudiced reason

I didn’t learn the exact spread of the plague at all. because I’m American and I never did any specialized medieval history courses. I DID learn that the Jewish people had better hygiene and thus antisemitic genocide contributed to the severity of the outbreak. I just didn’t learn anything about Poland avoiding it. and I went to a southern private school, no less

some things are absolutely suppressed in our educational system because of bigoted officials. I’m pretty sure this isn’t one of them, though

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November 18 2017

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spock + running

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this picture is older than the universe

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Dr. Mae Jemison, MD, the first black woman in space and first actual astronaut to appear on a Star Trek show, one of the very few people on this planet of whom two pictures can be posted depicting them doing their job on a spaceship with entirely different contexts.

Holy shit this is a serious contender for the best post I’ve ever seen on tumblr.

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Legs for days. (via cooltonedcutie)







im declaring those little dot circle eyebrows no longer valid. the new cutesy trend is inexplicably drawing eyebrows as fully 3 dimensional dodecahedrons 


Those aren’t dodecahedra, those look like icosidodecahedra.

actually we’re both wrong, theyre fuckin truncated icosahedrons and we both have to delete our blogs now

actually thats meridias beacon

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(3/3) slots avalible 

Oy! I got commissions now! Buy my shit!



sorcerers are just wizards that commit piracy

wizard: buys music legally

sorcerer: pirates music

cleric: downloads dad’s old cds

druid: collects vinyls from the dumpster

bard: soundcloud rapper


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I like how everybody is paired off haha

#this looks more like an awkward sixth grade slow dance than it does hockey

I FINALLY FOUND OUT WHY THIS HAPPENS. You see this all the time when there’s a fight or a scrum and suddenly everyone pairs up with a member of the opposite team and they just sort of …hold each other.

Someone on reddit asked about it. And it turns out there’s a logical-ish reason:

all of the other players pair off with their man to prevent anyone else entering into the fight … so it’s a form of self policing. 

[…] The players basically want to prevent 2 on 1, etc. fights and by finding a “hugging” partner so there’s no ganging up on one guy, even on accident. They do it because it’s fair. And it’s kind of cute sometimes.

so now we know! it’s fair…and cute.

Aw best part is no ones left out at this dance

#hockey hugs #more or less #:)))))))) #where’s that one of Karlsson and Mike Green #that one’s priceless


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Parks and Recules

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Jack is hardcore as fuck

scare me like one of your french girls

For money money, the most interesting thing about this confrontation is how completely it inverts the final scenes of a typical Disney film. In most cases, the hero is physically and/or supernaturally outmatched, and triumphs through determination and ingenuity; here, the villain spends the the whole fight running scared, while the protagonist casually no-sells everything that’s thrown at him. And there’s no ironic Disney Death keeping the protagonist’s hands clean, either. Jack just straight-up murders Oogie with malice aforethought while Oogie is running away - and by having Santa Claus himself strike the final blow, the film legitimises Jack’s killing of Oogie as the morally correct course of action.

You don’t fuck around with the motherfucking pumpkin king

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this is the best thing I’ve ever seen on twitter

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